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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Feel Good About Myself

I have to feel good about myself, then I can do my assignments on time and well done. I had bad feeling, bad thoughts and bad mood lately. I have to admit that I cannot work under pressure yet. Everything mixed up in my mind. My campus life, my friends, my boyfriend, and my very own personal life. No time to rest for a moment, to sleep, to eat or to think about something else but assignment.

In this Islamic New Year day, I went to KFC all alone, ordered something I like and think about myself, my future, my life. After I said no words but pay attention around, I realize that I need activity like this. I just need time to relax, put myself together and gain new energy to beat to-do assignment list for these last two months. I can do it, I believe I can finish it! :D

And I thought about my very own wish in this new year. I hope- no, no, no, not just hoping but- I WILL wiped up all of those negative feelings and change them into positive side. The first thing that I have to do is smile and believe God will always help me. Aaammiiinn :)

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