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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Morning Glory

Comedy | Drama | Romance
Rachel McAdams, Diana Keaton, Horrison Ford, Jeff Goldblum and Patrick Wilson
Roger Michell
Aline Brosh McKenna

Morning Glory is about Becky Fuller, a young and energic woman who just got fired from Good Morning, New Jersey programme tv. Then she tries to get a new job as a producer in DayBreak. DayBreak itself doesn't has a good rating. Becky has a lot to do to impress her boss. She has to prove that DayBreak is not a shitty show and not replace it with a quiz show. She is not only struggling for the shows but also for her career.

Becky starts with hiring a new co-host. She picks Mike Pomeroy. But it just makes another problem, Collen Peck, the old host is really hate him. Becky has to work on it and makes people to feel that they are a family and belong there. She is work too hard. She even not really thinks about having a boyfriend. Then everybody is so amazed with her work. The Today Show, her dream place to work offers a job to her. Will she takes it or stay in DayBreak?

Morning Glory is so inspiring! This movie is very recommended, especially to you who are looking a job, stress with your job desk or just got fired (ouch!). This Becky girl shows that work hard and do everything to something you love is worth.

Sometimes, I think like life is not fair. We have work as hard as we can, do everything whatever it takes but what I earn at last is nothing. Example, I worked hard for a group project, but my friend who got the compliment. It hurts so much, of course and it not happens once. Damn, it feels so bad!

Then this movie saves me. It saves me by shows the Becky’s effort. Becky experienced the same thing. She got fired although she worked so hard and so long. But she is not giving up. She does everything even it make her stress or anything bad to her. At last all her sacrifice is worth. I touched with it :’)

Rachel McAdams was so amazing here. I love her since I watched The Notebook and Mean Girls. I love the way she said ‘ouwh’ in here. Watch the movie to see what I mean. Horrison Ford and Diana Keaton are also good in here. I was little surprise when found Ford who usually in action movie like Star Wars or Indiana Jones are exist in drama comedy movie. But it is really good and funny. They are expert, remember? Actually Patrick Wilson is also good but his character is not really change the plot. He is just there to be the hot and smokin guy :p

With many energic songs, Morning Glory is a recommended movie. You can watch it when you have free time, maybe in Friday evening and let Becky doing her job to entertain you ;)

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