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Friday, November 4, 2011

Next (Just) Four Days At Campus

I don't know why, but seems like my lecturer for this course often give my class a summary task. Here is my summary from chapter 6 : Narrative

Narrative itself is a branch of literary study that studying narration. The basic element of it is plot which is has beginning, middle and ending. 

I also wrote a summary about chapter 7 in next meeting, but it was submitted to the lecturer before I can share it here.

The lecturer asked us to read chapter about Text and Textualities before discussed it in class. Text is a combination of sign (anything that can produce meaning). All textual construction occurs through the process of paradigm choice and syntagmatic combination.

How are they combine?
- select what do combine
- what rules to follow in combining them?

- a set of sign which implies extremely familiar and influential social structure of thinking
- it emerges in text at the level of coding
- it naturalized coding of social meanings and values
- it hides the semiotics workings of text's signs and codes
- it turns social signs into facts

The presentation from me and classmate was completed last week. This week is the time for guest lecturer who explained about music. It was fun, because the lecturer made two classes into one class and I was sitting beside my boyfriend :p

I didn't record any video of their performances. I hope I will get the copy and share it here :)

The Group 6 presentation which talked about Tahlilan Culture in our society. This presentation was different from last five presentation because the 'Penyelenggara' group prepared snacks for all but the audience :))

My group presentation! It was good enough but I was kinda confused and misunderstand my friends question. Here is the slide :)

Wuuiihhh, it was quite hectic but the weekend is more hectic. Wish me luck :)

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