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Monday, November 7, 2011


Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgård,
Kat Dennings and Idris Elba
Kenneth Branagh
Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz and Don Payne

Thor is a story about Thor himself. When he almost becomes a king of Asgard, the unpredictable attack from Bifrost ruins everything. Thor who is arrogant and selfish believes that Asgard has to go to Jotunheim and fight for justice. His father and also the king, Odin rejects that idea but Thor with his brother, Loki and his four friends decided to do it by themselves. They are close to death before Odin rescues them. Then Odin punishes Thor by take Thor’s power and send him to the Earth. In the Earth, Thor meets Jane and her coworkers, Dr. Selvig and Darcy. They help Thor to get his power back and fight his own brother who actually send Bifrost to Asgard.

Thor is like . . I do not know what word I should use to describe it. The film was good and I laughed many times but I just do not get the feeling that I like it. But certainly, Thor has a good opening when describes the reason of the fight between Asgard and [planet es]. Though I thought the action was not enough for such a superhero movie. I know that Thor cannot do something big because of his power is taken but I still expect more. Moreover he will show up again in The Avengers movie in 2012. Beside the minimum action, the romance between Thor and Jane was confusing. I just don’t get it :O

I think I am writing these critics because of I do no like superhero movies. The conflict in superhero movies will be about power relation not about justice. Let’s take a look to Thor. He fight and punished because of he believes that he is the most powerful son of Odin and he can done anything he wants and thinks right. But it is actually not. If he says what he is done is for Asgard. What a lie. I didn’t see Asgard society has reason to hate and fight those ice men.
And one more thing, the story is too fast. The life in Argard and Earth is very different, but how Thor can adapt quickly and well enough? Then when Odin ill and has to bedrest, how can such a god injured and cannot do something with the power he has? And when Dr. Selvig found Thor’s story is children literature, I thought, is there any story about Thor who punished and sent to the Earth too? Those are big questions for me :O

If talk about the cast, I was pretty impress about Chris Hemsworth as Thor. He may not famous enough and from Australia, but he is perfect to play someone who is arrogant like Thor. I really hate his character and it shows that his act was worked. Next, Natalie Portman. Oh man, she’s perfect but I still see her as Nina in Black Swan who is very fragile and insecure.

At last, Thor is perfect for you who love superhero movies. But not for me. I think I have to stop watch those movies than wrote something bad and hated by people :D

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