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Monday, December 5, 2011

(Only) Three Days at Campus

My not-so-really-good health made me miss two days courses and posted this feature late again! It because of tons of assignments to do and I didn't have time to eat lately. I have got fever, migraine, and sprue. It is so bad, isn't it? But I still have to study :)

It was the last meeting of semiotics. But the course isn't end yet. What I mean by 'last class' is the last meeting in the class. Next week, we don't have meeting in the class but we have to start our mini research/journal of semiotics. We will have tutorial writing for it. Just come to our kind lecturers' cubicle, don't forget to make an appointment first!

In the last meeting in the class semiotics, the lecturer talked about METAPHOR, which is I already learn in Cultural Studies class. I didn't bring my dictionary that day and I got 'SOMBONG PERSON' title for it. 'SOMBONG PERSON' is a nickname for someone who didn't bring dictionary to the class. S/he is too selfish to bring it because s/he thinks that s/he knows much much vocabulary than others :p

We discussed 'Literature and Identity' last week. Here is my notes about it.
Literature and Identity
- Do characters make their fate or suffer it?
- How is the identity of a subject formed: (1) is it determined by birth? OR (2) is it shaped by the tribulations of life? OR (3) is it something give or something constructed?
- Literary works characteristically represent individuals, struggles of identity are struggles within the individual and group. Theoritical writings focus their attention on group identities (TENSION OF SINGULARITY AND EXEMPLARITY)
- Literary works play a significant role in the construction of the identity of readers: they demand identification which in in turns create identity: we become who we are by identitying with figures we read about.

It is more kinda list of questions, uh?

And for next week, we move to starting learn the real theory. One of us would be chosen and explain it. Get the material of subject which is about Formalism (1930s-present) by clicking

I proudly present my mini research of Pragmatics entitled "Locution, Illocution and Perlocution Meaning of Raditya Dika's Tweet"

Me and Sari with our super mini research :)
This is the really really last meeting in the class for Pragmatics. The last group presented their understanding about the last chapter of the book of Pragmatics we learn about. But the lecturer offered (or asked) about an extended class next weak.

The class assigned to interpret an Indonesia audio to English. It was quite difficult. Because of I could not remember several vocab of Indonesia - English. But I did it pretty well.

As usual, the class and lecturer talked about our progress. This time was my group's. I and my partner, Anya, kinda confuse about our second project. Then lecturer gave an advice to survey and observe to our school's library, Mine = SMAN 11 BANDUNG and Anya's = SMPN 3 BANDUNG. Oke, nice advice :)

Okay, that was all. Wish me get better soon guys and beat all of those assignment for good :D

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