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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Day at Campus

This is the first time I went to my campus after NATION. Aaahhh it means that holiday is over and I have to face my final exam week. But do not worry and nervous too much, because the best thing of going to campus is that you can meet your lovely friends (and the special one) again. Yayyyyy :D

Today, I attended a lecture about Introduction to Generative Linguistics from Prof. William Davies from University of Iowa. I was kinda surprise of the way he delivered his lecture. Then I thought, if I continue my study in someplace like England, Australia or even France, this is what would happen :O . Actually, I understand what he said but not all of them. I still had to struggle and listen very carefully to what he said. Some says that I am good at listening, but I noted to myself to get to know more about how the native speaker speaks. It will help, I guess :)

And this is the updated schedule of my final exam.

semiotics' exam is still a rumor :p

The last day of my exam week which is Wednesday is the DUE DATE for Children’s and Adolescent Literature’s projects. So far, I just finished the second project, a portfolio with @anyapritafania and @rimamari, taraaaaaa :D

The first project is still on progress. The last project which is a free essay of mine is still on my head. I have many ideas for my essay. Sadly I forgot to write it down and make me to think about it again and again. That’s why I have not write my essay yet. But I commit to myself to finish it before Monday, so I have free time to study others material for final exam. Wish me luck guys :)

ps. I am kinda unwell tonight. The first day back to campus was really make me tired. I need a good and tight rest. Good night everybody :)

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