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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Like Crazy

Drake Doremus
Drake Doremus and Ben York Jones
Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence
Parents Guide:

A British girl, Anna fall in love to an American boy, Jacob when they are studied in L.A. University. To stay with Jacob more longer, Anna violate her visa than returning to England. One time, she backs to England to attend a family thing and when she comes back to United Stated, she unable to go in. Anna and Jacob have to fight to their love over fighting customs and immigration battles.

Like Crazy was . . -I have to admit it- boring movie. I almost fell asleep when watch this. But it has pretty good and romantic story. It kept me watch more and more until the movie ends.

A long distance relationship story is not a fresh idea but it still worth to tell. It is a really hard and difficult situation in relationship. It gets more hard and difficult when everything seems no agree to the relationship. That's what the movie is about. A couple from a different country but has a same feeling, love.

Let me highlight a scene *spoiler alert* when Anna and Jacob are getting married in England. Not too long after that, they fight, parted and both are cheated. Why this happens? They just married and they supposed to be happy in their early married time. My thought is that this is what happen if you already living together with your boy/girlfriend. I don't judge it is wrong, although it is wrong in my religion and I don't like that thing either. But my point is you are bored and honeymoon is already over for you two guys. What is the function of married if you are living together already? I'm so thankful that I don not have any thought to do that. Please do it the same :)

Facts that I discover:
- This movie is kinda of indie movie. So prepare yourself to watch something that non mainstream and different in a good way.
- Felicity Jones as Anna really caught my attention. She remainds me of Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise.
- Oh by the way, I read that it based on the director's experience with his ex-wife. What a tough story :'(

At last, Like Crazy is not a happy-hour movie type. If you want to watch it, watch it when you really want to watch it. If not, you would fall asleep. Though, it has a touched story and make you think about your own (long distance) relationship. Is your waiting worth or not? :)


  1. bahasa inggrisnya kacau. ngereview tapi judgmental soal living together, out of context. pemikirannya kolot sekali.

  2. Everyone has different opinion :)
    yeah, I actually hate grammar :p


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