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Friday, February 10, 2012

Next Five Days at Campus

I supposed to be going to campus only three days. But unplanned situation makes me going to campus five days a week and it will be like forever for this sixth semester. Aaahh, whatever!

This course was scheduled in Thursday. But the lecturer has another schedule at the same day and the same time. Then my class decided to re-schedule the class and moved it to Monday.

This week, my lecturer explained about the basic theories of entrepreneurship from Adam Smith (1776), Jean Babtiste Say (1803), John Struat Mill (1848), Carl Menger (1871), Joseph Aloysius Schumpeter (1934), Alfred Marshall (1936), Ibnu Khaldun or Abdul Rahman Mohamed Khaldun and David McClelland.

My lecturer asked what our dream job in next five years. He asked one by one. My friends’ answers were really inspiring yet hilarious. When it was my turn, I answered that I want to be an editor in publishing house. Aammmiiinn :D

I don’t know if it is a serious assignment or not, but the lecturer asked us to write down our dream and glued it on our room’s wall. He also asked us to take the picture :D

This is the first meeting of Editing course. As usual, the lecturer explained the basic rules, dos and don’ts and syllabus. He divided the evaluation like this,

Participant 20%
Progress Test/ Mid term exam 30%
Assignment/ Final exam 50%

And he also told us that he gives point for our present and absence. +100 for present but -200 for absence without any permission.

We did a little practice about editing text afterwards. The lecturer gave us five sentences in Bahasa Indonesia. He only asked it to be translated into English then he checked our work one by one. Sounds like high school, uh? He is a really detail person and I was amazed :O

Read 10.000 words a day

Book to read: The Copywriter’s Handbook

This is the first meeting and we just talked about the syllabus. In this course, the evaluation is like this.

Chapter Report 15%
Three Group Assignment (mood analysis, transivity analysis and theme and rheme analysis, those should be submit after the chapter has been discussed) 45%
Final Test 40%

The class was so funny and fun. The lecturer spoke in three languages, Sundanese, Bahasa Indonesia and English. I hope I can pass it smoothly because I found some seniors re-contract this course. Iiihh scary :O

Book to read:
Making Sense of Functional Grammar – Gerot & Wignell (1994)

The first chapter report about Text and Context: Genre and Register

This was the first meeting of the course. The lecturer usually just explains the syllabus then the class dismiss early. But in this time. We directly moved to the material and discussed poetry entitled Ozymandias and a song from Coldplay, Viva La Vida.

I was kinda disappointed, because I wanted to have lunch and drink my medicine. But the course was really fun and inspiring. Fyi, this course is about compare something similar or different from any literary works. The works is not always being a text like poetry, short story or novel. It also can be a motion picture, audio, visual or anything else!

This course was inspired me to write a final paper about Novel vs Movie. I was wrote a paper proposal about it in my third semester and I can’t believe it actually exist hehehehe

- The Gothic Tradition
- Landscape and Literature
- Sastra Bandingan – Sapardi Djoko Damono

- write a mini essay about Ozymandias and Viva La Vida. It can be about the theme, character or else. Just write it in your notes.
- Copy and read ‘Nyai Dasima’

This was the second meeting if this course. The lecturer was explained two slides of the subject matter. First is about an introduction of Literary Criticism and second is about Plagiarisms and Referencing. My friend tried to copy the slide but the lecturer prefers to print it and hand it over next week.

We also remain ourselves about referencing in APA style. The class was so relaxing and dismissed early hahahaha

“If you want to survive, just follow what your supervisor said”

- Try to search what is and how to write annotated bibliography
- Bring a laptop (+modem) so we can learn it together with help from Mr. Google :p

This was the second meeting of this course. Instead of just sit and listen to what our lecturers explain, we and our lecturers discussed about how to analyze the data of our research and other questions. Thank God, the lecturers also explained how to collect data in literature fields :)

Answer this question, “what is qualitative and quantitative method? And how it is related to research questions?”

This is the first meeting, but because of the absences of lecturer last week, he decided to move to the material directly. It was kinda of discussed and sharing our personal experiences as translator. I just kept silent and listen to my friend’s because I haven’t do any translation job ever. Oh yeah, I try to translate Pretty Little Liars but that was not a paid translation work.

Oh let me share the evaluation rules of this course.

Participant 10%
Mid test 30%
Two translation project 60%

And according to syllabus, here are the literary works that we’re going to translate. But those are still tentative.
- Love by Czerlaw Milosz
- West Wind by Mary Oliver
- Vanka by Anton Chakhow
- Stockings by Tim O’Brien
- Snow by Ann Beattie

"Jangan main-main dengan ketulusan."

Translation methods. What are they? Kinds or types of translation methods? Find good example to illustrate each technique. It can be Newmark or else :)

Language Researchers Association (LRA)

This is a project that I mentioned last week. This project is founded by Sandi Juandi. You can find the more information from his web. Our purpose is to research Baduy’s Language and make it as our final paper. We planned to go to Baduy on June 2012. If you read it and interested to ask something or even be our sponsor, you can contact our leader, Sandi Juandi by his email sandijuandi(at)gmail(dot)com or my email diniynurhasanah(at)gmail(dot)com. I would be really appreciate it :)

I planned to make a blog in Wordpress and write it more about LRA there. Just wait and see ya :)

Huaaa, what a tough week! Let’s focus to do the assignments! :D

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