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Friday, February 3, 2012

Something is Wrong!

Something is wrong with my laptop!

The condition of BF aka BoyFriend, the way I called it, was totally well when I left to attend Language Researcher Association's meeting in the morning. But in the afternoon when I got home and tried to
start it, I just see a blank screen :o

Oh God, why this thing happens again? This is the second time. I don't what should I do to fix it. All I know is that I'm really freaking out!

Almost of my entire life is in there. My writings, campus' papers, ebooks, movies, and . . . I don' t want to lose my data again. I'm gonna cry now huhuhuhu

I wish my dad or my real boyfriend would be so kind to check and fix my BF soon, please guys :'(

ps. I tried a new thing like blogged this via mobile :)

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