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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Stories


In the middle of warm day, @anyapritafania, @rimamari and I was doing our project for Kewirausahaan/Entrepreneurship course. The lecture assigned us to observe one of many malls in Bandung. We, em, actually it was me, chose to observe Bandung Super Mall. We actually dunno know what to do with this project. But we do enjoy our hang out hehehehe.

It was the first time for me went to BSM after three years. There are so many things that is changed and I kinda hate it. But the best thing was I can touch Eiffel Tower, the faux one :p


I was doing a different assignment for the same course as yesterday, entrepreneurship! The lecturer asked the class to find a store, a shop or whatever then be a volunteer and write a paper about it. Because of my interest on literature, especially English literature, I decided to went to Reading Lights and be a volunteer there. Surprisely, they were so welcome and friendly about my request. I am very grateful and excited to start my first day next Saturday. Wish me luck ;)


Another good surprise! Now, it came from my boyfriend. After our fight in last two days, he came to me and brought this present. Merci beaucoup, mon cher :)

The Eiffel Tower! The small one but I am really happy. We 'build' it together then. He did the base pretty well and the rest is my work hehehehe. It looks awesome!

Afterwards, we spend the day with eating my special fried rice, doing chapter reports and watching Glee! He officially becomes Gleek now :D

As it's Sunday, here is a black and white video music from Paul McCanrtney. Enjoy :)

Well, how was your weekend? :)

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  1. Komennya apa yah?aku pake bahasa Indonesia aja deh :)
    Keren miniatur eiffelnya... ada warna biru gak yah? :)


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