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Monday, July 16, 2012

New York, New York

Because of my hectic schedule and the limit of money, I didn’t to go to cinema and watch movies as many as last year. I prefer to re-watch them, over and over again. Then I found something interesting. Most of movies (and TV series) take place in a big city like New York. It makes me wonder, what’s so special with that city? I re-watch them and this is my findings J

Friends with Benefits

Jamie offers Andy a job in New York. Andy takes a job after Jamie shows a lot of interesting things about New York J


Rachel and her friends from New Direction came to New York to face National Championship of Glee Club. They spend their first day playing around and sing about what they love about New York J

Gossip Girl

Serena and Dan are pretending to be couple to help Blair’s relationship with Louis. They spotted have a morning coffee in Madison Avenue J

Morning Glory

Becky Fuller just fired from her job as executive producer in Good Morning New Jersey. Lucky her, she got a new job in New York and moving in to the town J

After found that things, I get an idea that New York is a busy city which if full of entertainment, job opportunity, and popularity. Just like Jakarta or Bandung in my point of view. But it didn’t make me want to go there. Paris is still in my heart J

It is just a simple analysis of mine. You can agree, disagree or even add your opinion about it. So, what is your thought of New York? J 

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