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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Five-Year Engagement

Romantic Comedy
Nicholas Stoller
Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt, Alison Brie, Rhys Ifans,  Jim Piddock, Jacki Weaver, Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling, Randall Park, Brian Posehn and Chris Parnell

The Five-Year Engagement is a story about Tom and Violet. They just got engaged and preparing for their dream wedding. But they have to delay the wedding because Suzie, Violet’s sister, is pregnant and has to be married before the baby born. Then Violet got a job in University of Michigan. Tom who really loves her and wants to make her happy decided to move to Michigan from San Francisco. He leaves his job as chef, just a second after the head chef promoted for a new restaurant.

In Michigan, Violet is doing her job well and has best co-worker. She loves her job and it get extended for couple years more. Meanwhile, the best job that Tom got is in sandwich restaurant. He doesn’t happy but he doesn’t tell Violet. They keep delay the wedding and things goes complicated than ever. One day Violet drunk and kissed her boss. Tom knew it just a day before they tie on knot. Later, Tom and Violet figure out what to do with their relationship. Should they get married?

The Five-Year Engagement was sweet, romantic and funny. Tom and Violet is the perfect couple. They can understand each other. But that was the first 30 minutes. The rest was so boring and I was wondering when the credit would be come up. Last time I checked the movie was 2 hours long. Fuuihhh, at least it ends :p

Did I write that Tom and Violet is a perfect couple? Yes, they are. But minute by minute their sweet and romantic moments were getting boring, worse and even disgusting. I don’t know when that happens. All I can tell that chemistry between Emily Blunt and Jason Segel is gone in the middle of movie. Segel was wrote the script, produced the movie and played the main male lead. Then he should know that what’s good and right scene to this movie. But he might be too tired do all those job at the same time. So he didn’t perform his best.  Emily Blunt? I love her. I love her spirit and also her British accent when she is saying “dance” :p

Beside the story that kinda disappointed, I still have several questions that pop up on my mind. First, I don’t understand why couples in different culture than mine think that married matters when they live together already. Second, I was over thinking the donuts theory that Violet stated. And the last, the movie shows that men have to have higher position than women, in work place, relationship and family. I found out it when Tom has to struggle in sandwich restaurant when Violet enjoys her dream job. For you who already watched the movie, can you give some heads up? :O

At last, The Five-Year Engagement was a fine choice to fill your weekend. But make sure you ask friend to watch together or prepare snacks. So when the movie is getting boring and weird, you would not end up upset alone :D

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