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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Next Three Days in Seventh Semester

As I wrote last week, the lecturer asked the class to present their research plan. Two groups which in Postcolonial and Feminism areas presented their plan this week. I choose Feminism as my interest of research and of course I presented my plan. My research plan is to compare a character in novel and film adaptation. It is a little rough but I am really excited to finish this. Wish me luck J

Study Trip to Jakarta

My English Department went to TV One and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah for a day. You can read the whole fun story here J

Graduation Day

Congratulation for the graduation, Vicky! I wish, I really wish I will graduate next year Thanks Putdar for the pictures J

The lecturer explained about how character constructed and presented in a text J

The group 4 presented their understanding about Reframing Conflict in Translation J

The lecturer explained about Discourse Analysis. I was kinda confused and sleepy :p

It was my group turn to present our understanding about Verbal Communication. It went well :D


1.       Group work
Choose a cultural product (a short story, movie, novel, fairy tale, traditional dance, artifact, etc). Describe the product in details and analyze the cultural values it represents.

2.       Individual work
You can do one of the followings:
a.       Write an essay about a cross cultural incident you/other person experienced, when, how, why it happened and what lesson can be learnt from the incident.
b.      Interview a person from a culture different from yours and focus on some aspects you want to explore about the person’s culture and compare it with your own.
c.       Observe the way people from different cultures communicate, whether there are some problems and how they overcome the problems.
d.      Give an account of a unique cultural practice in a certain culture and analyze how it relates to the cultural values of the culture.
e.      Choose one of the topics discussed in the class, write a response to the topic, relate it with your  experience and opinion from other expert.

LENGTH: around  1000 words
DUE DATE: Last meeting

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