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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Next Four Days in Seventh Semester

The next two groups presented their research plan J

Revised my own proposal J

The last group presented their understanding about Drama in The Middle Ages

Then the lecturer explained about how the course will be like by showing the syllabus on UPI’s site J

-          Take quiz on UPI’s site. Due date November 1st
-          Read a play entitle “The Emperor Jones” by Eugene O’Neill
Internship Seminar

Some of my classmate and I got dispensation to attended a seminar J

Although I skip this class to attended the seminar, my friends were so kind to tell me about what was going on in the class J

Make a pamphlet about hotel or resort. Due date next two weeks J

The next group presented their understanding J

Because of the lecturer will be away for some weeks, she asked if we can have a double class meeting next week. It means that my group will be presentation next week!

Prepare presentation J

The next group presented their understanding about Discourse and Conversation J

The lecturer explained about how to analyze characters through many approaches J

-          A table about indirect indicators of character from “My Cousin Clarette”. Due date October 31
-          Reader-respond #2 about character in “We Might All Be a Stranger”. Due Date November 7

The lecturer explained about Discourse Analysis and how it works in analyzing literary work. She also explained a bit of Ideology in Children Literature which will be material from the next assignment, Critical Review #2 J

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