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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Next Four Days in Seventh Semester

The lecturer explained about ideology which can be found and created on children’s book J

Critical Review #2: Ideology and Children’s Book. Due date: November 8. Submit it through J

The next groups presented their research plan. Their theme are children’s literature, post-colonialism, queer and Marxism J

The lecturer explained about one of American drama, The Emperor Jones. Then she asked us to work in group of three and read the script all loud. I got a role to read Jones’s part. It was hard to pronounce the words from the Black English Vernacular but it was fun! J

Do The Emperor Jones’s worksheet that can be found on LSM.UPI.EDU. Work in group J

The guest lecturer, who is the permanent lecturer now, explained and showed how music/song can support the commercial. First he asked the class to write our three favorite songs and the reason why. I wrote these songs J
Then he asked the class to close the eyes and feel three different songs he played J
Next he asked us to draw a table and work in group to fill it. My friends and I decided to explored cellular provider J
Write a plan, a rough one, to advertise UPI as a different university than IKIP J

Academic Forum

The Department of English Education gave a day free because of they held an academic forum but students still have to attend it. In this event, lecturers gave a presentation about their research. I joined three panels which explained research about literature and translating J

The sixth group explained Brad Davinson’s journal entitled ‘The Interpreter as Intuitional Gatekeeper’. I was kinda confused because they were using medical terms that I can’t understand L

The lecturer won’t come in two next meeting due to her trip to Japan. So my group presentation has to postpone. Aaarrggghhh!

The fifth group explained about Nonverbal Communication. They added some videos and pictures to their slides. It made the presentation fun and funny J

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