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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Something Made Us Stop

Hey wait a minute 
Under the rule of the jungle 
The weak get eaten 
 Just get pushed ahead, 
Yeah pushed ahead 
Oops, I get stepped on 

Ay ay it’s a red light light 
I don’t even know what’s wrong 
With the current situation 
 Ay ay it’s a red light light 
Listen carefully to the whoever is trying to warn us 
Red light 

Try to breathe for a moment 
Try breathing, try breathing 
Eh eh oh 
This isn’t a war 

Open your eyes wide 
Stop the collision from happening 
(You’re going to be a witness to change) 
In front of that caterpillar that got pushed around 
(When everything sinks) 
 It’s turned on, red light 
The vivid, red light 
It gets bigger by itself 
That red light 

Your best excuse 
Is just filled with doubt to me 
Maybe it’s love 
A very slow wave 
A very slow wave

Ay Wait a minute 
Jeonggeul sogui rul ttara yakhan janeun meokhyeo 
 Apeuroman mireodaeni 
Yeah mireodaeni na acha hamyeon balphyeo 

Ay Ay It’s a Red light light igeon siljesanghwang mwoga jalmosdoen geonjido molla 
Ay Ay It’s a Red light light gyeonggohaneun nugunga moksorireul jal deureo 
Red light 
 Jamsiman sumeul swieobwa 
Eh- Oh- 
Igeon jeonjaengi aniya 

Nun keuge tteo geogi chungdol jikjeon pokjureul meomchwo 
Byeonhwaui mokgyeokjaga doeneun geoya
Mireodaedeon geochin kaeteopilleo geu ape modu
Chimmol hal ttae 
 Kyeojyeosseo Red light 
Seonmyeonghan Red light 
Seuseuro kyeojyeo geugeoseun 
Red light 

Niga malhan choeseoniran byeonmyeong naegen uimuntuseongi ilppun 
 Jinjja sarangiran eojjeomyeon aju neurin padong 
Aju neurin padong

Happy Sunday ;D

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