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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Only One to Find

I ma-eum-e issneun sesang-gwa boyeojineun pung-gyeongdeulgwa 
 neukkil suga issneun modeun geos 
 Oh ~ aicheoleom usneun eolgul gakkeum gakkeumssig 
 nae jag-eun bang-e olmgyeonohgo sip-eun geol 
 Oh~ maeil achim kkum-eseo maeil gat-eun gos-eseo 
 geudael mannal su iss-eo 
 Oh~ Something nobody knows (It’s) feel like heaven’s eye! 
ije nal-agal sudo iss-eo 
 mundeug nan jam-eseo kkaeeona changmun-eul yeol-eodugo 
 gibun joh-eun sangsang-e ppajyeoissne nawa gat-eun sesang-gwa 
 naleul dalm-eun nunbichgwa supil gat-eun neogneoghan maldeul 
 ttatteushage deullyeojuneun mogsoli tto daleun 
 naui moseub-eul chaj-eul su issneun ojig hansalam saepalan geoli wie pin seon-yul-eul gajin pyojeongdeul 
nal usge mandeun modeun geos. 
Oh~ ijen sangnyeomdeul-eun salajyeo gago 
 i sungan-eun haengboghal geos gat-a 
 mundeug nan eojesbam kkumsog-e geu gil-eul geodgo issne 
 ama geugeon kkumgyeoldo anin geoya 
 nawa gat-eun sesang-gwa naleul dalm-eun nunbichgwa 
 supil gat-eun neogneoghan maldeul ttadeushage deullyeojuneun mogsoli 
 tto daleun naui moseub-eul chaj-eul su issneun ojig hansalam 

Seen in this world and the landscape of the heart and I can feel all the things 
Sometimes a smile like a child sometimes 
Oh ~ I want to put in a small room move 
 Oh ~ in the same place every morning and every dream 
 I can meet ya baby 
 Oh ~ Something nobody knows (It's) feel like heaven's eye! Now, I could fly 
 I woke up suddenly leave the windows open 
 It feels like me get a good imagination and the world 
 Generous words for me as resembling the eyes and essays 
 Another warm voice telling 
 In my view the only one to find the deep blue fin tune on the street made ​​me laugh with all facial expressions. 
Oh ~ Now thoughts are disappearing 
 I think at this moment you are happy 
 I dreamed last night that suddenly walking down the street 
It'll probably not even a dream 
 Looks like me and look like me and the world 
 Warmly generous words essay telling the same voice 
 Another way I was the only one to find

Happy Sunday ;D

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