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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Keep Keep Keep Chasing After It

gomineun go up ulgulhan gibun train jump 
himeul naeryeogo ije wind up 
han bange meotjin iri gadeuk straight up 
nan maeil deo style up gibun up doeneun ire jipjung 
naega haengbokhage saneun bigyeoreul jom malhaebolkka 

 achime nan jameul kkae eommakke saranghandago malhae (eohyu chakhan nae ttara) 
juljul nareul ttaraon Happyga neomu gwiyeowoseo haengbokhae (uh yaega malhandae)

ireon money jeoreon power geugeotman tta-tta-tta-ttaragada 
eoreundeuri jjanhae boyeo geudeureun jeongmal haengbokhaji anha 
gippeun iri meotjin iri segyeneun jeomjeomjeom manheun dera 
geureon Money geureon Power urineun gwansimdo kkeunheobeorin ji orae 

dalla dalla naneun jom haebogo sipeun geunyang hago malji 
gomin gomin hadaga eoreuni doemyeon huhoe manheul tende 
eoje oneul naeildo haengbogeul chatneun naui mohyeong ilgi 
dalla dalla naneun jom geungjeongi himeul naneun mitgo itji 

Your worries, throw up 
Bubbling feeling, change up 
I said get strength now, wind up 
A whole bunch of cool things all happen at once 

My charms, up 
Style, up 
Feeling good, my young speed 
 Should I tell you the secret to how to live so happily? 

Wake up in the morning 
Tell your mom that you love her (Oh my good daughter) 
The “Happy” that kept following me around 
Is so cute that I become happy (She says) 

 The money, the power 
You just keep keep keep keep chasing after it 
 The adults have all changed 
They’re not really happy 

 Happy memories, cool memories 
Make, make, make the world good 
 That money, that power 
It’s been awhile since we’ve stopped giving attention to it 

 Choose, choose, I choose dance I just do what I want 
 You just worry, worry 
You’ll just regret it when you get old 

 Yesterday, today, tomorrow 
Searching for happiness is my adventure 
 I’m a bit different, different 
The power of optimism is helping me

Happy Sunday ;D


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