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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Meet My Younger Self

I maeume inneun sesanggwa 
Boyeojineun punggyeongdeulgwa 
Neukkil suga inneun modeun geot oh~ 
Aicheoreom utneun eolgul 
Gakkeum gakkeumssik 
Nae jageun bange ormgyeonoko sipeun geol oh~ 

Maeil achim kkumeseo 
Maeil gateun goseseo 
Geudael mannal su isseo oh~ 

Something nobody knows 
It feel like heaven’s eye 
Ije naragal sudo isseo 
Mundeuk nan jameseo kkaeeona 
Changmuneul yeoreodugo 
Gibun joheun sangsange ppajyeoinne 

Nawa gateun sesanggwa 
Nareul darmeun nunbitgwa 
Supil gateun neongneokhan maldeul 
Ttatteutage deullyeojuneun moksori 
Tto dareun naui moseubeul 
Chajeul su inneun ojik hansaram 

Geudaeege ganeun gilmogen 
Waenji eorin naui moseup mannal geot gata oh~ 
Jageun soneul japgo na 
Geudae yaegil hae jugo sipeo oh~ oh~ 

There’s a world in my heart 
Landscapes you can see 
And all the things I can feel Oh~ 
Sometimes I want to take your face that smiles like a child 
And put it in my little room Oh~ 

I can meet you every morning in a dream 
Every day in the same place, Oh~ 

 Something nobody knows 
It feel like heaven’s eye 
I could fly now 
Suddenly waking from my sleep 
And opening the window 
I’m falling into a feel-good fantasy 

A world that’s the same as mine 
Eyes that look like mine 
Words are rich like a forest 
A voice that sounds warm 
The one and only person that can find 
A different side of me 

 On the crossroad that leads to you 
Somehow it seems like I’ll meet my younger self Oh~ 
I want to hold that little hand And talk about you Oh~ Oh~

Happy Sunday ;D

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