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Sunday, December 14, 2014

What I Want Is Just You

Come on baby
Jakku mangseoriji malgo 
Eoseo deureowa naege 
Wol hwa su mok geum to il 
Boyeojulge sinsegye 
Ni mam sok nunmureul meomchwojulge 
Don’t play me 

Naega wonhaneun geon geujeo neoil ppun 
Naega pillyohan geon neoui sarmui ilbu 
Nawa gal ttaekkaji ganeun geoya 
Me and u 

So listen up geu son meomchwo 
Baraman bwa jeoldae geondeuril su eobseo 
Aesseo amureochi anheun cheok 
Dugo bwa neon jamsido mot baegil geol 

Na gateun yeoja heunhaji anha 
Naneun dalla naneun naneun namdalla 

Nal dareun yeojawa bigyohaji mara 
Naneun dalla naneun naneun namdalla 
Naneun naneun 

Whoa ooh whoa ooh whoa 
Neoneun molla neoneun neoneun nal molla 
Neoneun neoneun 
Neoneun neoneun 

Come on baby 
Stop hesitating 
Hurry and come into me 
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun 
I’ll show you a new world 
I’ll stop the tears in your heart 
Don’t play me 

What I want is just you 
What I need is just a part of your life 
Go with me until the end 
Me and u 

So listen up 
Stop that hand 
Just look, you can’t touch 
You can try pretending that nothing happened 
 Just watch, you won’t last for a second 

A girl like me 
Is not so common 
I’m different 
I’m special 

Don’t compare me 
With other girls 
I’m different 
I’m special 
I’m, I’m 

Whoa ooh whoa ooh whoa 
You don’t know 
You don’t know me 
You, you You, you

Happy Sunday ;D

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