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Sunday, August 30, 2009

RAN - Thanks God It's Friday

Thank God it’s friday, everybody wants to party
why don’t we go funky? dancing with you all night, yeah.
looking at them shorties, maybe they wanna party with me.
ya’ll know what it’s all about.
ya’ll know what it’s all about.
it’s friday night, when the feeling is all right
we ain’t coming to sit tight, we came to get high, right?
ya’ll know what it’s all about
when the DJ spins and the chicks come out
like my man Craig D said “friday payday” it’s time to party
P A to the R T to the Y
baby girl you don’t need to ask me why
cause it’s going down like the executioner
scratching them things
flapping them wings
we’re the evolutioner
that’s our name
cause when we come to this game
it ain’t gonna be the same
tell your friends and family about this band
hopefully we be rocking the showbiz
and if ya’ll like this flow
let me know if it’s loco
everybody now let’s go
sexy lady if you want me you got to show me that you’re really the only one for me
you got to show me

you got to show me
you got to show me
you got to show me love
get hype. dance all night
everybody on the floor dance till the sunlight
and bring a friend stop arguing
start conquering and just dance
just dance like it’s your last chance
party like it’s your last day


  1. ini lagu baru RAN ya????? gw suka banget sama RAN, lagu dan gaya berpakaiannya keren2 banget, full color !!

  2. You right!
    kenapa kamu gak sedikit nyontek gaya mereka?

  3. mungkin nanti, gaya mereka emang keren, bisa dicontoh lah tapi bukan plagiat ya he..he..

  4. kalo sekedar jadi inspirasi sih gak apa-apa,


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