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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here It Is!

Wow, i still can't believe that I got score B for writing class. Hmm, actually I'm a writer (write this post also make me as writer, right?), but in Indonesia language. I still in process for write something in English.

Today, still in writing class, me and my friend who usually call Puput wrote procedure text. We named it with " How To Get A Good Stuff With Less Money ". Do you want to know what it is? Ok, let me tell you.

First, make a list of thing that you want to buy.
Second, make priority of them.
Third, compare the price of thing from first store to another store, to find the cheaper price between it.
Next, bargain a half of that thing's price. If it doesn't work, you an pretend go to another store and the seller will call you back to make another deal or give the price that you want. That's usually happen in Indonesia.
Don't forget to use a discount card even it's just give you 1% discount, if that store have it.
And finally don't buy something out of list!!

I hope it can help someday, :)

And a big surprise came when I read newspaper.

Yes, New Moon will come out tomorrow in my city. Yayy!

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