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Monday, November 23, 2009

This Is What I Called LIFE!

All of my classmates and also me, always love Monday. Do you know why? because there's NO class. Yayy! So we can just relax for a day after have a lot of activities from Tuesday to Sunday ( seriously, Sunday!).

For this Monday, i choose to watch video from YouTube, also with some snacks.

Yeah, the vampire is everywhere. The, most-wanted-movie, New Moon have came out to here, actually in Jakarta only. That's why i haven't watched it yet. I hope i could watch it and it's a must! And finally i knew what the title of the song that I adore for a week. It's Fireflies from Owl City. OMG, just call me late.

From LYRICSMODE.COM lyrics archive
Lyrics | Owl City lyrics - Fireflies lyrics

How about your Monday? I hope you always like it same as me :D

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