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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

After felt very down with my progress test and cried all night long (for another reason), I didn't sure to watch Sherlock Holmes today. Beside that I woke up late and didn't prepare anything. I thought, well just wait a day for it. However, a hour later I went to cinema. Rainy and flood everywhere. Did you know I entered BSM with wet shoes? How embarrassing it was.

Ok, lets back to the movie.

I watched this movie all alone. Weird? That's I am.

The movie was very hilarious. A lot of humors there. Anything that they do always make me laugh. Especially Holmes. Holmes can makes Watson join the investigation even he has appointment with his girlfriend, Mary. My favorite part is the way Holmes explain his analysis about Blackwood's case. There are flashback about it. Like what is Blackwood do, how it was, and the reason for it. Until Holmes hanging himself to find how Blackwood faked his death.

And the ending tells about the farewell between Holmes and Watson. Watson will move to a new room with Mary. Then Holmes learning of a new case involving Professor Moriarty, Adler's boss. Hm, maybe It is clue for the sequel for this. Maybe. ;)

It seem there are some scenes which are deleted from it. It's different from the trailer. If you have watch it, try to watch the trailer. I don't saw the scene when Adler will attack Holmes with her hair pin. Do you? Click here for a complete summary.

ps : Innalilahi Wainailaihi Rojiun. Mantan Presiden RI ke 4, Abdurrahman Wahid meninggal dunia pukul 18.40 WIB. Semoga diterima amal dan ibadahnya. Amin.


  1. kak filmnya boleh ditonton anak 13 tahun gak? :D

  2. hm, kayaknya boleh deh.
    tulisannya buat remaja koq.
    cobain aja.

  3. nangis kenapaaaaa?

    aku juga beberapa kali (dua kali doang siih hehe) nonton sendirian. ahh mau nonton sherlock holmes! tapi avatar aja blm nonton :(

    eh, happy new year ya :)

  4. mending avatar dulu deh,
    takutnya entar keburu ilang,
    baru disusul sama sherlock holmes.
    ngantrinya di braga biar dapet, :P

  5. asyiiik hahaha :D kak mending nonton alvin apa ini ya? :D

  6. alvin and the chipminks 2?
    udah ada gitu?
    trailernya lucu (baru nonton :P)
    terserah kamu juga sih,


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