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Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Happy New Year To You All!!
hopefully this year will be a good year,
our dreams come true and no more tears ;)

This is our first day in 2010. What do you do? Pity me, today I must finish my assignment before final exam for my first semester next week. Wish me luck :D

It's 2010 and means . .

Make a new resolution. I haven't wrote it. But I knew what thing that I must write first, buy a new mobile phone! My old mobile phone shows a bad condition. Hopefully, My dad see it and come home with a new mobile phone. LOL.

A lot of new movies

We must wait for a while because import movie always not release here or postponed. Sadly, I have no idea about Indonesia movie.

World Cup South Africa
This event start from 11 June until 11 July. For Indonesian, you know the channel, right? I chose Germany team as the winner. How about you?

And the last is Change your calender. It's simple but very important :)

Once again, Happy New Year !!


  1. wew you're such a movie freaks! I can't wait for the Deathly Hallow :D
    Aaaand yes, I haven't changed my calendar *doh* -_-;

  2. harry potter! valentine's day!
    mmmh i'm not really into soccer, hehe :P

    anyway happy new year! wish u'll have a great year ahead :)

  3. @Rika : me too XD
    because they make it in two movies. it would be great!

    @devishanty: well, people would talking about it few months later. are you sure won't watch it? hehe.
    happy new year :D

  4. posting kita ya?
    hehehe, mungkinkah kita saudara yang terpisahkan???
    *maaf, lebay*


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