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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are You Real, Ken?

Actually movie is not the topic that I wanna to share in this blog before. But I can feel that watch a movie is my habit. Now I'm back to the right way. Like what my banner looks, I really love novel. Ok, that's not a novel picture. But that's pictured that I love novel.

The novel that I -finally- finished is Imajinatta by Mia Arsjad. I know it's an old novel. But I just got it three days ago. I have dreamed to read it long time ago. In fact I can get it with a cheaper price at Rumah Buku or Togamas. But, once again like when I bought The Time Traveler's Wife, I really really want that novel and I want not lose again.

The novel is tells Natta, a girl with a big imagination, have a crush with Ditto. Her friends told that she can not get him because he has a crush with another girl, Sasa. But Natta never give up because they haven't in official as a couple yet. Natta still hoping and effort to get closer with Ditto.

A day, she met Kenzi in her "secret park" and be a friend. Kenzi help her to write a script in a script contest to filming and submit to student indie movie festival. She really want to be a winner because if she won this competation, she will choose Ditto as the main character in her story.

Kenzi help a lot and Natta become the first winner. She get closer with Ditto too. But Kenzi dissapear and lost contact with Natta. In the first met, Kenzi is a really misterious boy. Natta's friend think that Kenzi just Natta's imagination.

No, no, don't ever think that Natta will be together with Kenzi as a couple in the end. You must read it by yourself to get the ending. What? You have read it before. Ok, I'm so outdated.

ps. I found it on Gila Sinema's blog. Thanks :D

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