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Monday, January 4, 2010

Books Of The Month

A new month means a new book for me. I went to Gramedia books store today. I remember that there is a big discount until January. I thought I can to buy some books with cheaper price. But sadly, the discount just until January 3 and I was late :'(

Some books look interesting for me. There are . .

Yummy . .

Yummy! (again)

Sorry girls, no Rob Pattinson here.

I wondering, why my friend really addict with this game?

But I can't buy all of them. I just bought this.

In fact, I could get this book with cheaper price at Rumah Buku or Togamas. However, I really want this book now. So, I bought it with normal price.

At 2009, there was a movie based from this book. I haven't watched it. And I promise to watch it before read the book. I have a bad experience when watch a movie which is based from a bestseller book, such as Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga. The movie is very different with my imagination. I'm very disappointed about that. Then I prefer watch the movie first.

Is there somebody who has the DVD??


  1. canting cantiq (yang di belakang love in b minor) seru lho kak :D

  2. Oh ya?
    tapi kurang minat lagi sama teenlit tuh, menuh-menuhin meja.
    tapi mungkin entar coba baca deh.

  3. The time traveler's wife .... bercerita ttg apa ya?? sptnya menarik.hehe

  4. @Raka: tentang . . ya, sepertinya harus baca sendiri. :P


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