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Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I Watched, I Read And I Listened

It's like what Hail Mary always do, but I changed a little bit. What I will write are not a new things. I just wanna share the things.

I watched . .

. . The Devil Wears Prada until midnight came. I had promise that I will not sleep late last night. But Vicky Octrya wrote on Twitter that movie playing on television. So, I watched it!

nice guy, nice guy >_<

Hm, the movie was really nice. The clothes, shoes, bags and what the real meaning of fashion. I have thought to make a fashion blogger like Diana Rikasari or Rebecca. However, fashion is not my passion. I can't comfortable with skirt, tight or high heels. I just wear it in special occasion or if I have more time to prepare it. Jeans, t-shirt and cute jacket for daily are enough for me.

I read . .

Title : Dusta, I Know I Love You But I Lie
Author: Sisca I.
Publisher: Gagas Media

This book, which was published two years ago, tells about Kayla's lie. She work on Figo's office, her brother. She met and fall in love with Figo's friend, Dominic, the guy with green eyes. But she never tell Dom that she is Figo's sister. When Dom knew the truth, he mad and said a bad thing about Kayla. Kayla very sad and she decided to back to home all alone. But she got car accident and can't walk normally. On the other hand, Dom regret about all that he did. He try to meet Kayla and say sorry. He surprise with Kayla legs. But he accepted it.

I already read this book two years ago. But I felt another feeling and more enjoy the book. Maybe, I watch too much movie lately.

and I listened
to . .

Happy Sunday :)


  1. LOL last night my twitter timeline was full of this Devil Wears Prada. But it is indeed a good movie! =D

  2. ya gak ntn Devil wears prada, emang ditayangin dimana sih???jam berapa??

  3. DWP emang keren. uda berkali-kali nonton tetep g bosen. love it!

  4. @Rika : hehehe. I think I would watch it again later. the television cut too much scenes.

    @Tara: di global jam 9. sayang sekali kamu gak nonton.

    @benvenuto: iya nih, aku mau nonton lagi kayaknya. cari temen yang punya DVDnya aah. ;)

  5. hey, I watched that movie too on globaltv!! And I love it a lot..

  6. @r_PadFoot's: I think I know who you are. Thanks for the comment :D


Thanks for leave your comment :D

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