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Monday, February 8, 2010

From Paris With Love

I have planned to watch Dear John, which is throw Avatar away from top box office, last week. But the movie haven't come out here. So, with stress-full, no snack, no mineral water, got money from Arisan ( I don't know the English of it), and of course all alone, I watched this movie.

For the synopsis and the trailer, check the older post here.

I really watch this movie because of the setting, Paris. I hope they show how beautiful it is. And also car chase, a smart dialog, just like another action movie that I watch before. Yes, I look forward is same like The Bourne Trology even though it is a different movie. The fact is less than it. Why Chinese and Pakistani more dominant than Frenchman? And I sure Eiffel tower is not only most popular place in Paris. But I can accept it when I realize the story is about terrorist.

When Caroline wearing suicide vests, I giggled because it reminds me with what Noordin M Top's brides did it before. The other funny thing is when I listened to radio and the announcer said that this movie is for celebrating Valentine's Day. Make sure to read the summary first, darling.

By the way, I not say that it's a worst movie, although some people say it. It's just out from what I wanted.

I have no idea with this closing song. I think I missed it.

And tell me, why I want to watch it again?


  1. I'm going to watch Dear John too... because my mom wants to watch that movie so bad... I don't know why... but anyway dear john tuh ada lagunya kan... "Dear John.... the only think i ask of you... is to hold her when I'm not around, when I much too far away..." gitu kan??? hahaha!

  2. hah?
    lagu apa ya?
    tolong jangan bawa lagu-lagu lawas di zamanmu.
    aku masih belasan.

  3. ih... Sorry ya... itu lagunya avanged seven fold... gak gaol banget sih... hahaha!

  4. jonathan rhys meyers ganteng bgt pake kumis :o


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