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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Name Is Khan

The movie just playing on one theater only at my city. It's difficult for me because the theater far from my house. Even though it's near with my campus, the schedule make it impossible to watch. The movie has a long time and clashing with my classes.

Luckily, last Tuesday my lecturer leaved earlier and my friend from another class said that the next lecturer couldn't come, he gonna make another class next day. Yeaaaah!

Read my Premiere Today post to the summary and the trailer.

I'm happy because finally I'm watched it. I'm happy because I not came late anymore. I'm happy because The Wolfman was played although it was a technical error. Haha, I watched the beginning that I missed before, just a little.

The movie has a long runtime, but I don't feel bored. Though, my friend or the girls next to me talked too much. I used to watch movie alone and it was bother. I pretended to hear nothing and watch seriously. Sometimes, I miss this moment when I go alone.

Shah Rukh Khan is act very good!! Why there is no dance-in-a-rain scene? I really waited for that. My favorite part is when Rizvan invites Mandira in the morning and showed view like a-city-in-the-clouds. Then Mandira said " Marry me". You must see Rizvan reaction, it's seems like happy and touchy.

I wondering about,

- There are yellow zebra cross around Mandira's first work place and it's made Rizvan scared. But after that he visit it many times. How can? Did he pass another streets?

- The Obama figure make me disappointed. I wish the producer visit Indonesia before filming it and the fake 'Obama' from Indonesia got the casting for it.

Please, don't think too much about it. It just my thought.


  1. haha iya, harusnya obama yang versi Indonesia tuh.. lebih mirip soalnya..

  2. udah nonton ya?
    aku pikir obama nya bakal tampil samar-samar aja kayak bush.
    eh, jelas banget lah!
    di ending pula.


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