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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Books Of The Month

When I waited for Dear John, I went to the book store to take a look the new books. It's useful to kill the time and made me almost late to back to theater. Here is some books, well may it's not the new one, that caught my eyes.

I'm very excited for this event!

Wait for the movie in the end of this month

I know this book when I read the first novel of Gossip Girl

I wonder about the difference between vampire and dracula

Perhaps I should read a little bit to fill my mind.
Because It's will be learned later on my literature class.

Paris always catch my eyes.

the movie playing regular start tomorrow!

I think I will buy this book,
the recipes are easy to do and there's also Soto Lamongan recipe X)

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  1. dracula, or count dracula is a vampire who lives in transylvania.. jadi nanya perbedaan vampire sama dracula sama kaya nanya perbedaan gue sama manusia.. hehehehee..


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