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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iron Man 2

I'm tired of watching movie alone. So I invited my friends to watch this a week ago. But our class schedule is full and there are some friends who do not like this movie. I feel more curious especially after the other movie bloggers wrote a review about this.

I try to be patient and waited for a few days. But when I took the prize from the blog competition, I can not help myself. At first I just wanted to see the schedule, but in the end I bought a ticket.

watch the trailer here

Hilarious and awesome! I love when Stark come with his narcissistic. Very funny and seems like careless but everything done well ( there's Papper, of course). When he playing with his technology, I think my face looked like an idiotic.Because I haven't watch the first. Is it also happened in the first movie? Is like WOW.

Jon Favreau, the director and also playing as Happy Hogan, give the fresh and entertaining movie. Really like it, though another review that I read wrote that this movie is action-less. The girl next to me laughed every scenes and it helps me to understand the jokes. Thanks whoever you are. I almost forget about Scarlett Johansson. Her red hair was so sexy, really sexy.

But I feel something wrong with Lt. Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes aka The War Machine. Not, it's not about the suit or something like that. I mean the actor who played it. I don't know who played it at the first movie. Yet he better when he wears the suit :P

My favorite scenes.

The missing scenes. Oh uh, why it is disappear from the movie when the trailer shows it?

There are things that you have to do when the credit title appear, SIT AND WAIT! My friends who were watched it at the premiere day missing it and I laughed for them. I keep sit, waited and tried to enjoy the soundtrack when the whole moviegoer went out the theater. It was so long. Moreover the security stayed when I prepared to record it.

I got the post-credit. It's not very special. But if you curious you can visit my Tumblr to watch my lack video.

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