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Monday, July 26, 2010

(500) Days of Summer

I've been waiting quite long to watch it. Waited for the downloaded, actually. First, I watched it just 20 minutes. Second, just 41 minutes and finally watched the whole movie but I had to stay all night long. I think it's worth. I really love the movie!

I also love the posters!

The story is about Thomas Hensen, the boy that believes that he will find his happiness someday if he meet his soulmate. Mean while, lets meet Summer Finn, a girl who doesn't believe in love. It is not love, it is fantasy. They meet, Tom fall in love but Summer doesn't. Remember, this is not a love story. Watch the trailer here.

Like what I wrote up there, I loooove the movie so fucking bad! Although my friend said that "Uh, it's not worth to watch enough. I don't like the ending". Hey, who's care? The movie would be so ordinary if it ended as what you want.

I love Summer's style, I love her chuckle, I love the way she thinks about be independent and free woman. But wait, I love how Tom fight to get her back, I love his expectations though it against the reality, and I love his thought that someday we'll meet our soulmate and the happiness be mine.

It's like looks myself on the mirror. Face the problem that hanging around in my head everyday. Is he really my lover in the future? Should I keep fight to get him as mine? Well, well, well, this movies stucked long quite. But as always it's disappear when I get what I want even it's like killing myself softly. Love is blind, right?

My favorite scene is when they on lift together and talking about The Smiths.

I directly downloaded the soundtrack (forgive me again) and I love them, however so difficult to remember the lyrics and sing a long. I currently listening to them and guess when this song appear in the movie. Perhaps I would watch the movie again to check it.

By the way, I don't see this scene except on the trailer. What is it that I missing?


  1. dindooooooooonn . . km baru nonton film ini ? alhamdulilah ada yg lebih telat dari aku hahhahahahhaha . . cantik banget ga sih si Summernya >< matanya baguuuuuuusss ih jadi sirik

  2. wah... ada si arthur...!! kayanya ini prequel dari inception deh... wahahahahaha!

  3. love zooey deschanel, ^^ summer

  4. Aku sukaaaaa banget film ini. Sederhana tapi menyentuh. Paling suka ama perumpamaan; masih banyak ikan di laut! :D


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