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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Before watched this, my days was horrible. It is really hurts to read what people think about this movie. They especially talked about the ending. I planed to watch this when I went out last Monday. But someshitthing made it fail. I also swear to myself to watch it next day. It happened again. The third day, I almost late to buy the ticket but I got it! Then here we are.

Watch the trailer here.

The story is about Cobb who can steal the idea from someone's mind by get into dream. He works with Arthur. One day, Saito offer the job for him, but not to steal the idea but plant the idea. Cobb start to collect people to begin this mission. The challenge is not only how to plant the idea, but how they get out from many levels dream that they made self.

Amazing, but not really. Maybe my expectation is too high then before I watched, so I didn't get what I want. But it's truly amazing. In the same time, we face three different situations. Can you imagine that?

The story is extraordinary, the visualization is mesmerize and the ending is so so so so perfect! So far, I have no idea what's the minus point for this movie this time. The plus point for this is make me think hard and also contain with jokes.

My favorite scene is this.

Arthur also my favorite character here. I just watched (500) Days of Summer yesterday, so it not weird. He indirectly made me laughed.

Arthur: Quick, give me a kiss!
[She kisses him and then looks around]
Ariadne: Did that do anything?
Arthur: No. But it was worth a shot.

Do you understand what this movie talked about? Answer from me is yes. But I need more time to think about it. Replay again in my head and hope that in will appear in my dream. I also don't read any review from any movie bloggers or movie sites. Click here if you need more information. SPOILER ALERT! :P

And don't forget to read the comic, The Cobol Job. I'm so difficult to get it. I hope my head more dizzy after read that XD

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