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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Books to Movies: Eclipse

The book

I have wrote about it before here.

The movie

I watched it at the same day when I watched 3 Hati 2 Dunia 1 Cinta. Actually, I had promise to watch it with my friends. But I must wait until next Monday. I can't hardly wait! So I decided to watch it alone if I got the ticket ( I got the ticket!) and take my responsibility to watch it again soon.

Watch the trailer here or another Twilight's things here ;)

Bella really loves Edward so much. She decided to be a vampire too to life forever as soon as possible. But Edward don't wants it. If Bella really wants it, she have to marry with him first. The marry-me thing is so sensitive thing for Bella.

On the other hands, the anonymous vampires out there wants to kill Bella. Alice have no idea who they are and who's stand behind them. So the Cullens prepare for anything risk and protect Bella more. They also coorperation with Jacob and his friends. Jacob himself make Bella confuse. Do she love him too?

Everybody, included me, was so overrated for this. But when the movie started, I became a haters. I don't like to see both Bella and Edward speaks so slowly and sounds like delirious. I tried to don't read the subtitile below. So naive but it's true.

I felt bored in the middle of story. Moreover when they kissed many times. I know they so in love. But you should not show it too much. So sad that I saw kids watched this next to me. The kisses are not only between they are too. Jacob success to kissed Bella twice. LOL. Alice kissed Jasper too and I think it's the nice one. I love the simulation fight scene between them.

About the fight scene, I love it! Both when they have a practice and the real fight with Riley. I think they got their tusk back! This one also funnier that previous movies. Let me give me you an example which is contain with spoiler. Edward drive Bella to Jacob's place. They kissed so long before say good bye. Jacob waiting so patient. LOL. When it was over, Bella approached Jacob and he hug her tightly. Edward looks suffer. LOL.

Everybody without me yelled "Aaahhhh!" or " Nooooo!" when Edward fight with Riley and Victoria. So absurd. Are vampires made from manequein? Because Victoria looks like that when Edward kill her. Her eyes are open when falling down and suddenly close when the scene change.

I already thought that the movie just contain with love and fight. But a little speech from Jessica in the graduation ( Edward looks 'mature' in his yellow gown) is so touchy. "It is time to make a mistake. Because you can know what really the best for you later." Yeah, something like that.

Yeah, that's all. Wondering why I so excited but I reviewed it like a haters. The movie was good. Funnier, love the fight scenes. But I still love the first, Twilight. Everything still fresh on it and the Cullens's pale looks fit. Just lets wait for the next movie, Breaking Dawn. Oh ya, I didn't watch it again with my friends (thankful) I got ill.

The song

The song appear in graduation's party at Cullens's house. Just a little bit and I don't think so I could dance with song like this.

ps. Vampires Suck trailer. Twihards, stay away!

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