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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brasil is Calling You!

So sad to know that World Cup is end today. No Vuvuzelas. Wait a sec. I haven't know the winner yet. I don't even care anymore. The World cup that I mean is the world football games with Germany on it.

Lets recap the matches. First match is against Australia. They won 4-0 for it. I had a fight for him. I don't know why.

Second they against Serbia. They beated by 0-1. Klose also got the red card. So sad because I so excited and wore their jersey.

Third, they won 1-0 when against Ghana. They became a top of group and went to next stage. Well, I can't find the picture.

Then, they won again 4-1 when against England. A little bit controversy here. It's about Lampard's goal.

Next, they won when against Argentina 4-0. I'm happy for it and also sad because I couldn't watch it. What a old school television!

Well, this is the worst that they beated 0-1 by Spain and can't go to final. I really sad. I hate that Paul the Takoyaki wannabe!!!!

This is your future looks like, Paul!

And they beat Uruguay 3-2. What a high tense game! Congratulation. Though it's just a third place, you're always be my first and the only one winner.

Ooh, I'm gonna miss them!

Love you game, guys. Bye bye. See you again in Brasil.

ps. All picture's source are from here :D

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