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Monday, August 2, 2010


There are two reason why I really want to watch this. First, other movie blogger said it was a cool movie and second, Donny Alamsyah was here!! I downloaded it days ago and keep it for days. It is a little bit scary movie for me.

Another poster.

Watch the trailer here.

The story tells about Alisha, a lonely girl who can play cello well. Her dad, a government official, has affair with woman. That's why Alisha hates her dad. One day, a man comes to her house to replace a cleaning pool service. Alisha see how alive he is and fall in love with him. When he quit the job, Alisha looking for and found that he lives at flats.

So, Alisha run away from her house. She rents a room next to his room and changed her name to Mia. Now she knows that his name is Bari and he lives with his girlfriend, Renta. Bari shows every detail of flats, every floors and every story from the renter. He write a story about it. But he don't know how to end it.

Alisha/Mia with her obsession to Bari help him to end the story by her way and it's scary.

The movie was soooooo good! Breathless. It pictured Indonesia well. Like how live in flats, how that flats built, and the music also very unique. So Indonesia. Although, the story is not really new but they shows it on their way, Indonesia culture. It makes the movie still watchable.

Ladya Cherryl really well played as Alisha/Mia. She's young, beautiful, cute, and looks fragile but she can do everything for someone her loves. Donny Alamsyah also played good yet his voice sounds weird.

My favorite scene is when Alisha/Mia plays her cello. Very nice. Bari try to play it too. He destroy it yet funny :P

The minus point from it is when there is a party and music was so loud. I have no idea how can the host hear that someone knock the door. I wondering too about Alisha/Mia's family. Did they try to find Alisha/Mia? Just forget about it. The new life at flats more interesting than that.

At first, I thought to live at flats too. But after watched what Alisha/Mia did, I doubt.


  1. downloadnya dimana sih? pengen nntn juga nih hehe

  2. @Fariz Razi: Belum nonton toh. Disini


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