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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sang Pencerah

Spent my last Mon(holi)day alone by watched this. Actually I didn't interested enough with this one. But after read a lot of tweets and they said it was bloody awesome, I forced myself to went out to cinemas.

Watch the trailer here.

After went to Mekkah, Darwis changed his name became Akhmad Dahlan. He's worries about the rules of Islam at his home town, Kauman, which make other people thinks that Islam is a mystic religion.

By built a house that become a praying place and school for poor people, he prove that Islam can guide us to happiness. Dahlan keep going with his beliefs and arranged an organization with his students, Sudja, Fahrudin, Hisyam, Syarkawi and Abdulgani. Yet the older people who fanatic can accept it directly. They accuse that Dahlan is crazy with all that he did.

I brought a low expectation into the the theater and something that I got so incredible! The setting, the costum, and the actors of course. The story was so flat at the beginning. The pieces of black-white movie were so riddicolus. But I enjoy it until the end and feel 'brighter' same as the title.

My random thought: Boedi Oetomo also appeared a while and I was like ' It such a fun way to know and also know about our hero. How if they make a movie about Boedie Oetomo too? If they are, then make a movie about Gus Dur, Hatta or another then we have The Avengers in Indonesia version ' :p

I really am interested with who play Daniel when he was a kid. Who he is? He so cute by the way :p

My favorite part is when Dahlan play his viola to explain what is exactly Islam is. It has cooling me down.

I can learn something from it because I am a Muslim. But for those who different, this film can help you to understand what Islam is and it is maybe totally out of your thought before. Watch it! :D

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