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Monday, November 29, 2010

iNAFFF 2010: The Disappearence of Alice Creed

My very first time joined a kind of movie festival. For the first day, I choose this movie.

Watch the trailer here.

Two men fortify a nondescript British apartment so it can serve as a prison, and then kidnap a woman and tie her to a bed. Before there's even time to react, we're plunged into a very nasty situation, but not a simple one.

The movie was amazing. It was a super extraordinary kidnapped story. They were prepare anything, every single thing, every detail. We didn't know what they actually plan until we follow the story scene by scene. There was a surprise in every scene and made my mind think, rethink and rethink again about what happen next.

Althought there was no subtitle Bahasa, I and my friend are can understand the dialogue and also the story completely. The English pronouns clear and not to difficult to understand.

Wuuuuih, Gemma Artenton did something bravefully and it supported the movie a lot. The story was more real. I could feel people who were watched this hold their breath for that part. I have no idea what would happen if this movie screening regularly. The sensor departement would cut it all. The guy who played as Danny remained me to Edward Norton then Tom Cruise at the moment.

My favorite quote ---> Alice Creed: " You fucking kidnapped me!"
I don't know why I love it. But it stayed in my mind for days :P

What a great movie! Love it!

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