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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Saturday Night

This is it! I finally watched the most anticipated movie of the year, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2. Indo Harry Potter organized a event where Harry Potter freak come and watch together. This is as same as what I attended last year. Read it here :)

Then lets talk about the movie. Voldermort has stole the elder ward from the late Albus Dumbeldore. Harry knows it because he can get into Voldermort's mind. Then he with his bestfried, Hermione and Ron have to find the rest of Horcruxes. Harry gets a visual and the thing is in Hogwarts. Their friends are really happy when the trio come back and save them. But Voldermort are closer than they think and war can not be avoid any more.

I was feeling confuse because I did not remember the story of previous movie or even the novel. I just sat there next to @rimamari, @haney07, @kyo_q2 and her friend and tried to make some jokes about scene to scene. And I think I was eat a lot of spoiler from Tumblr. Because when something happens like Ron - Hermione kiss or so on, I was not surprise anymore. In a very dramatic scene, there are still jokes and it is from Ron! But the movie was really gooooooooooood and watchable. But it was too short! I want Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 3! :p

The most favorite scene is when Snape admit that he truly love Harry's mom, Lily for forever. I can not explain it in words but what I know is how sad and hurt it was :'(

So sad that it finally ends, but if it ends with happy ending, who's gonna hate it? :)

But wait! My saturday was not end yet. Next thing I did is hanging out with @rimamari. We eat meatballs in Setiabudhi. It was just like a date. Oooowwww, so sweet, huh? ;p

And I brought a famous snack nowadays home for the first time. It is Maicih!

My saturday was really fun enough. What about yours? :)


  1. ah kamuuu, punya pacar kok malem mingguannya ama rima siih? hahah..
    gue belom nonton dooong :((((((((

  2. Saya ditinggal mudik sama pacar huhuhuhu :(
    Tenang aja. Kayaknya masih lama koq di cinemanya. Bakalan turun dan hilang ditelan vcd bajakan kalo udah sepi. Masih rame banget loh sekarang mah :)


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