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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three Things I'm Looking For in Supermarket, Like Always

This list a a little bit silly. But I realize that I am doing the same thing if I go to supermarket. This is the list of three things that I am looking for in supermarket, like always ;p

1. Kitchen Herbs

My boyfriend forces me to cook. He will not eat anything if I did not cook it. Sweet, uh? For me, it kinda hurts my pride. But I am willing to learn to cook. I started with the simple menu. So far, I can cook fried rice perfectly without any weird taste on it ;p

2. Pots

I was not interested to cook yet when I always check this section. I am just wondering how does it feel when you are eating noodle from the pot. Just like what Gu Jun Pyo does in Boys Before Flowers. Or maybe deep in the bottom of my heart, I have passion to cook something ;)

3. Magazines

This is not strange to check magazines wherever I go. I also do it beside in supermarket. But I am not only looking for an information of something I love but also hunt a bonus on it. The bonus can be notebook, pen, bag, pin, or t-shirt. Everybody loveeeeeeeees free gift :D

Anyway, I have write a short story about supermarket. I wrote in for Writing Session with topic 'shopping'. The short story title is Belanja Hati Baru. You can read it by click the title. Enjoy ;)

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  1. nice blog. i like to check the magazine and comic section too :)


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