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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cyrano Agency (시라노; 연애조작단)

Comedy | Romance
Uhm Tae-woong, Choi Daniel, Lee Min Jeong, Park Shin-hye, Jun A-Min, Park Cheol-Min, Song Sae-byok, Kim Ji-Yeong, Ryu Hyeon-Kyeong, Kwon Hae-Hyo, Lee Dae-Yeon, and Lee Mi-So
Hyeon-seok Kim

Cyrano Agency is a dating agency which help their client to confess their feeling but not being notice by the target. One day, they get a new client named Sang-Yong and the target is a mysterious yet beautiful girl named Hee-Joong. The boss of the agency, Byeong-hoon realizes that that girl is his ex girlfriend who he still loves so much. He tries to canceled the contract because of his jealous. It being notice by his coworker, Min-yeong. Will this agency succeed in their mission?

How romantically tragic. This is what I was thinking when watch Cyrano Agency. The story is not really special but good enough to entertain us and the ending is so tragic yet sweet for me. First lets talk about the story. After read the synopsis, what you do think would happens next? It is so predictable, isn't it? But that is the way a romantic comedy movie goes on. Though I said the story is not really special and kinda similar with Indonesian movie titled, HeartBreak.Com, the movie is really gooooooooood and you will something funny and nice in the middle of movie itself. That's the point! At the first time I got confuse because of many flash back scenes here. I watched it many times to diferentiate between flash back and present time until I understand it :p

The message that I got from the movie is about letting go someone we love to someone who loves her/him better and deeper. It hurts but if you really love that person, you have to let her/him happy with their new love life. Lets move on :')

I have watch Korean serial a lot since a little girl and I know well enough the style of it. Such as there is so many tears drop and disgusting place like toilet or something. But I do not really find it in the setting of this movie. The style, the setting or the atmosphere or anything you called it in this movie is more like European. But they still shows Korean habit like eat noodle and drinking in night cafe. Maybe because the titled is from a French classic literature, Cyrano de Bergerac. I love adapted movie from classic literature like this. I should find and read the book soon. And I love this movie so much because there a scene which took place at Paris. I'm wanna go there, someone take me there :p

My favorite part is the first 20 minutes of the movie. Why? Because it tells about how the agency works and the client finally get the one s/he loves. How easy it is but when I think of it once again, I think I do not need such a agency like that. It helps a lot but that is not the real of you who speaks or acts. I rather lost that person than tell a tons of lie :)

Then my favorite soundtrack of it is a song from Agnes Baltsa titled Aspri Mera Ke Ya Mas or There Will Be Better Days, Even For Us. Listen it below :)

At last, I love the ending of Cyrano Agency. Like I wrote above, it is so tragic but also romantic and sweet. I really really recommended this movie to watch to fill your free day. If you do not really like Korean because of those cheesy serials on television or even hate it, think once again. Cyrano Agency is different and goood :D

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