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Monday, September 5, 2011

From Prada To Nada

Comedy | Drama | Romance
Camilla Belle, Alexa Vega, Alexis Ayala, Pablo Cruz, April Bowlby and Nicholas D'Agosto
Angel Gracia
Fina Torres, Luis Alfaro and Craig Fernandez

From Nada To Nada is a story about Nora and Mary Dominguez. Their dad, Gabe Dominguez is just dead. In his funeral, the sisters just figure out that they have a brother. Actually their step brother, Gabe, Jr is very kind but his wife, Olivia is so cruel. They buy Nora and Mary’s house to cover their dad’s debts. Better than live with Olivia, Nora decides to bring Mary move from the house in West LA to their aunt’s house in East LA.

Their life change so much. Nora quits the collage to find a job in law firm and she got a good job from Edward, Olivia’s brother. Mary forces herself to go to school and find her assistant lecturer, Rodrigo is so handsome. Mary is starting date him and hopes her new boyfriend will help her to come back into their old house.

From Prada To Nada is a kind of chick-flick movie. You just have to enjoy the movie and worrying nothing. But I can not do that. Although I really enjoy and love this power girl movie, I found many of things that bother me so much. First is the cast. Camilla Belle is so perfect to be an American-Mexican, Nora. She can be an independent and perfectionist girl. But look at ‘her sister’. Mary looked like *excuse me* a whore. The way she dresses is not shows that she comes from a high family.

And also the story! At the beginning it was good. I just know that many of ethnic groups live in LA and every side of LA can be completely different to each other. The high class is at the west and lower than that is at the east. Then the conflicts are promising but at the end, I not feel that every problem done yet. Hmmm, I already know that this movie is a modern version of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. I love Jane Austen. I have not finish read her works yet but I love the way she pictured a woman spirit in that era. But why this happens? Is it the story that not really good for me or they ruin it? I have to read the book! :p

At last, From Prada To Nada is good to watch. It teaches us that family is very very very important and we have to appreciate every member of our family, even if it is stepbrother or anyone else. I think I just think too much about this movie. Go find and enjoy it :)

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