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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Something Borrowed

Comedy | Drama | Romance
Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, Colin Egglesfield, Steve Howey, and Ashley Williams
Luke Greenfield
Jennie Snyder

Something Borrowed is the story about Rachel and Darcy. They are best friend since kid. Dancy announces that she is getting married in days with her fiancĂ©, Dex on Rachel’s 30th surprise birthday party that organized by herself. But nobody knows that Rachel and Dex has the same feeling since they met in law school. They drunk, kissed and slept together. Next morning, they have to figure out how to hide their secret over Dancy.

Ethan, a novelis and Rachel’s best boy friend force her to tell Dancy what actually happens between her and Dex. He cares about Rachel’s happiness and hate the way Rachel always let Darcy gets everything she wants. Rachel knows that she loves Dex and so do him. But why Dex not cancels the wedding or tells Dancy about his real feeling. It gets more complicated when the wedding days is closer and closer. Love and friendship are always hard to choose.

Although at the beginning the movie was boring enough, but Something Borrowed is good to watch. Your feelings will get up and down when watch how this dirty little secret goes. Actually the story is predictable and I know where the story will end, happy ending. But this movie makes it in different angle. It’s like tell you that you worth and deserve to be happy, even your best friend is not. One word for this, tragic! But I can not believe that I like this movie.

I had the same experience about love and friendship. I and my friend were fall in love with the same boy. Tragically, friendship is the victim here. We are still friends but we not talk for years. Why it happens a lot? I hate it! This is problem that should be finished. Somebody, please find the way to figure it out and make love and friendship walk together nicely. I hope so :’(

Is it me or Gennifer Goodwin always plays a girl who is desperately in love? Not only in He's Just Not That Into You but also here. I not really love his middle short hair, she looks more good in pixie. Then Kate Hudson is good played a Darcy role. She totally annoyed and I love the way she makes me hate that looked-drunk girl. And you know what? I always think about Tom Cruise when Colin Egglesfield aka Dex came up.

My favorite part is *spoiler alert* when they play badminton and share secret every time someone gets a point. Hmm, I should play this game with friends soon ;p. And, and one more thing. Did you know that this movie based on novel? The novelis herself, Emily Giffin appears here as a woman who is reading Something Blue, a sequel of Something Borrowed which tells about Dancy's life after her wedding cancel with baby on the way. Oooohh gonna read it asap! :D

At last, the tragically ending Something Borrowed with nice soundtracks is recommended to watch. Enjoy the movie and go try read the novel ;)

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