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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Robert De Niro, Anna Friel, Andrew Howard
Neil Burger
Leslie Dixon

Limitless is a story about Edward ‘Eddie’ Morra, a writer but he has not write anything yet. He tells everybody that he has a book contract. What he has to do is write something, but he never does it. Because of it, Lindy his current girlfriend dumps him. Then in frustration, Eddie meets his ex-brother in law. Yeah he ever married with Melissa but the married was not working. Vernon, his ex-brother in law understands the situation of Eddie and he offer a pill of drug name NZT. The drug can make everyone access their brain up to 100%. Eddie tries it once and the result is amazing. He knows everything that he has learn, the world seems brighter than before and he can write many pages in a night.

Eddie wants some more of NZT. When he arrive to Vernon’s apartment, his ex brother in law killed already. Eddie thinks that the murder is looking for the same thing as he does. NZT. He finds it and his life change complete. A problem comes when the drug is used up. And Eddie just knows that someone has an eye on him, on his drugs especially.

I have two words to describe the opening of Limitless, awesome and dizzy. I almost gave up and gonna to shut my laptop but I was curious about the film. So I finished it. The story was good. But it does not when the main character jump down in Wall Street. I can not understand at all, although I used Indonesia subtitle while I was watching it. First I was happy that the story tells about a job and opportunity as a book writer, but when Eddie turns out into different job that produces more money in fast time, I feel disappointed.

Shia LaBeouf was originally plan play as Eddie but he got accident from Transformers 2 set, then Bradley Cooper had the character. It is the way better for me. LaBeouf seems like a teenager for me.

Then let talks about the ending. It is good but um . . watch it then you will understand. The ending makes me think that once you try drugs, you can not be as normal as you do before.Despite the drugs make you smarter, richer, and success, it is not the good way after all. Please do not try drugs even you are heart broken, frustration or have many problems. Sadly, in my personal opinion, Limitless turns the right message into bad massage :(

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  1. seems like interesting movie nih.. at to list ach^^. i find u from my 'buku tamu', you are there :p


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