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Friday, October 14, 2011

Next (Almost) Five Days at Campus

We talked about Iconicity. Icon refers to natural resemblance between the form of the sign or the object or concept in the world.

- Our perception is based on our knowledge.
- What we think of REALITY is actually our perception of the REALITY.

Two types of iconicity
- Diagrammatic Iconicity ---> is concern with structural similarity between the sign and the object.
- Imagic Iconicity --> is concern with substantial similarity between the sign and the object.

For further reading, read Semiotics: The Basic page 36-37 

We talked about what literary canon is. Why some literary works called as canon? Is it inspirational? Or presenting the culture of that time perfectly? Well, it about power relation actually. Seems like everything really happens for BIG reason --"

The lecturer will be absent for almost six weeks and she give us tons of fun tasks to complete ;)
We started to practice our skill in simultaneous interpreting. It was quite difficult in the beginning, I cannot stop my laugh but it was fun. I practiced my skill with this video ;)

Group 3 presented their presentation about cigarette. The pictures and the slide will be upload soon ;)

This week is presentation from group 5 (Tari Topeng Kelana) and 6 (Flamenco). The pictures and the video will be upload soon ;)

Update! Teaser photos from group 5 :D

I feel so exhausted this week, mentally. That is way, the review is so short and unelaborated. I will fix it if I can. How's your week, anyway? :)

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