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Friday, October 28, 2011

Next Five Days At Campus

I was sick in the middle of the course and went outside for long time. But I wrote the points about analysis structure in semiotics. Here there are ;)

Analyzing Structure
- Meaning arise from the differences between signifiers
- Differences: syntagmatics (positioning) and paradigmatic (subtitution/associative)
- Syntagmatic is horizontal, while paradihmatic is vertical
- Syntagm: combination of this and this and this
- Paradigm: selection of this or this or this

Syntagm and Paradigm
- Syntagm : possibilities of combination
- Paradigm : fuctional contrast involving differentiation
- Syntagm : intratextual and co-present
- Paradigm : intertextual to signifiers absent from the text

Value of the Sign
- Determined by paradigmatic and syntagmatic relations
- Syntagm and paradigm provide a structural context within which the signs make sense
- Paradigm operation : signifiers of signified
- A paradigm : a set of associated signifiers which are all members of defining category but in which each is significantly different.
- Grammatical paradigms: verbs, nouns, adjectives

The lecturer was coming late and asked us to write a summary about Connotation and Dennotation in chapter 3. Here is my work ;)

- the sign can more accurately be pictured as having a spread of signifieds
- the set of its possible signifieds
- emphasises the plurality of the signifieds

The processes of connotation is the ways of generating a spread of signifieds around a given signifier. The processes are metaphor and metonymy.

- the center of the field are the most stable meanings of the sign
- the most stable and apperantly verifiable of its connotations
- has concepts such as hegemony and legitimisation

The ways of denotation
- prevalent (attributed to the sign by a number of the codes in which it operates)
- dominant and particular
- objective or scientific codes

He also asked us to read the next chapter which is about Text and Textuality :)

Group 5 showed their opinion about online shop. I was coming late and confused about what was going on :o
This is the last two groups whose give presentation. The first group explained and showed their ability to sing Sundanese Pop Songs.

audrey, @ismifaw, @selveh and @sha_noveriza

Then the second group explained and sang two songs about Jazz.

@izmaradcliffe, @nddaisme, @mayangrengganis and @dos_ssy

And in the end of presentation week, our lecturer performed a song especially for us.

Mr. Riesky ;)

The videos will be upload soon. Please come back a couple days later :)

I missed many classes this week because of my illness and lateness. I hope it will not be happen anymore. What about your week? :)

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