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Monday, October 10, 2011

Sucker Punch

Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Thriller
Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung, Oscar Isaac and Carla Gugino
Zack Snyder

Sucker Punch is about a girl named Baby Doll. She lost her mother and accidently killed her little sister. Thesn her stepfather sends her to Lennox House, a hospital for mentally insane. Baby Doll feels that she is normal and nothing is wrong with her. Her stepfather send her to get her Lobotomy and he free to change the will that her mother left. Next in five days before Lobotomy, she meets Sweet Pea, Rocket, Amber and Blondie. They are planning to escape that place that run by a guy name Blue. Baby Doll meets a wise man and he says that to get out of there, she has to find five things. Map, fire, knife, key and the last thing is still a mystery. Together, those sexy girls start to collect things one by one by fight with samurais, army, dragons and robots.

Feel little confuse about the story? Of course you do. Sucker Punch is an imagination in imagination in imagination film. The main character, Baby Doll, imagines she finds a new place then imagines the new, new place in there. Still confuse? Have you watch Inception? Yeah something like that, but it is the way cool. It seems like we are playing game. Sometime, in several parts, the imagination is too good to be true. So is Baby Doll really insane or just stress with her real life? This film stuck in my mind for days and I admit that sometime I wanna do the same thing when listen to some music as Baby Doll did. Weird eh ;p

Speaking of Baby Doll, this role was actually for Amanda Seyfried. But she out from this project to be in Red Riding Hood. I can not imagine if Seyfried were really play in Sucker Punch. She is too old, too tall, I mean, for me Emily Browning is the right actress to play Baby Doll. She is unique. She can be so beautiful in movies but looks weird in premiere events :o

Hm, did I mention some music above? Yeah the soundtracks are really cool. I recommended Bjork – Army of Me and duet between Oscar Isaac and Carla Gugino in Love is the Drug. Check a video below ;D

Beside the confusing story and the cool soundtracks, what I love most is the ending. You already know that I am not a fan of happy ending, right? Then you can guess what the ending about. You are gonna be unprepared for the ending of Sucker Punch. Watch this and find out :D

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