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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She's Out Of My League

Comedy | Romance
Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve , T.J. Miller , Mike Vogel, Nate Torrence, Lindsay Sloane, Kyle Bornheimer, Jessica St. Clair, and Krysten Ritter.
Jim Field Smith
Sean Anders, John Morris

She’s Out Of My League is about Kirk, an average guy with his average work as an airport security agent. He is desperately wanna come back with his not-look-so-good ex-girlfriend, Marnie. One day he helps a hot girl, Molly, to save her phone and they meet up next day. Stainer, his bestfriend thinks that Molly is not into him because she is so hot. He also said that it is impossible to a girl like that is going to date with a guy like Kirk. But Molly asks Kirk out for dinner and they are going well until Cam comes. Cam is a pilot that Molly used to be dating with. Cam is so good-looking and charming. Then Kirk feels about what Stainer said is true. Molly is a hard 10 but he is just 5. Molly maybe is playing around with him.

She’s Out of my League is so funny and I love it so much. Although there are so many things that ‘disgusting’ for me like everything ended with sex *yuck!* I still get the message from it. Yeaah, I know She’s Out of my League is not superb or special movie. It also not releases yet here and I am not sure than it would be. But I really wanted to watch it so badly. I have watched the trailer many times. The more I watch the trailer the more I want to watch the movie. I feel something different about this and I am right! It is about find who truly you are and what is your passion to live the life. Looks is does not matter. It will not make you go to hell ;p

Take a look at Kirk. He is not a good looking guy but he has a lot of thing to offer to make people around him feel save and pleasant. Molly gets it and she is fine about Kirk’s appearance. And for me personally, every guy is charming and handsome when they are nice, especially to girls. Once again, Looks is does not matter. It really works for me ;p

My favorite part is when Molly and Kirk have dinner for the first time. It was so funny yet sweet. This song is really suitable into that scene.

Then talk about the acting, Jay Baruchel is really great but Alice Eve seems so mean and cold. Sometimes, the character that she played, Molly is not really into Kirk. Aaahhh, I am not really good about explain this thing. Watch by yourself and tell me what do you think, ok? ;)

At last, do not judge anything from the looks. Everything looks nice outside does not mean that it also nice inside. She’s Out of my League shows it! Go and watch it :)

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