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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Books to Movies: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Book

This is a story about pants who found by four best friends, Lena, Tibby, Bridget and Carmen. They will spend their summer a part for the first time. They promise to lend that pants to each other to keep their sisterhood close. First is Lena visiting her grandpa and grandma in Greece. She meets a super gorgeous guy who has crush on her, Kostos. But she is too naïve to admit that she likes him too. Next is Tibby who stays in town and meets a leukemia girl. That girl teaches Tibby to not judge something just based on its cover. Then Bridget falls in love with her football coach. She does anything to get his attention. And last Carmen visits her divorce father and get angry when know that her dad is going to married in days.

It is kinda boring in the beginning because I did not understand the story and the way is telling. Who is speaking as the main character of this novel? Why the story and the person who speak are different in every paragraph? And many other questions came up on my mind when I was reading it for the first time. But it is changed to be a super interesting story when I can adjust my self and even drawn into the story.

My favorite story is about Lena and Kostos. It is interesting story because it tells Lena who is really beautiful and she is not comfortable about it. But deep in her mind, she thinks that her beauty always attached others attention and she likes it. That feeling become dilemma when Kostos appears in her life. She found that in this time she is attached on him. But she is too shy to admit it because she thinks that it is Kostos who has to chase her and do everything to get close to her. She starts to think that every coincidental that happens in Greence between her and Kostos are already set by Kostos himself. When she realizes that all she thinks is all wrong, she has to admit that there are so many important things that more important than appearance.

Then I can conclude that this unique-story-about-friendship-slash-sisterhood novel is recommended to read and fill your free time.

The Movie

The general story is not changed much. It is about pants and four best friends whom travel a part in summer time. Tibby is still not going anywhere, Bridget is still trying to get her coach’s special attention and Carmen is still as angry as ever to her dad. But the story that focused about Lena and Kostos changed significantly. It is completely different and I hate it.

The movie also was confusing. I know it is hard to make a film with four stories on it and all of them are important stories. My advice is better to focused on one person, for example Lena visits her grandpa and grandma in Greece, and make other stories as compliment. Then the powerful and main soul of the story which is a pants is not really showing here. Just a pants and that is all. What a pity.

And at last I completely choose The Book than The Movie. But you can watch the movie if you want :D

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